Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Team

Our team at My Community Mortgage is fast, friendly, experienced and here to help you every step of the process!

Iris Nogueda photo

Loan Officer Iris Nogueda

NMLS 2329831
Ashley Alexander photo

Mortgage Advisor Ashley Alexander

NMLS 208961
Elizabeth Salathe photo

Branch Manager Elizabeth Salathe

NMLS 1138326
Jolie Godfrey photo

Branch Manager Jolie Godfrey

NMLS 243833
Hannah Godfrey photo

Branch Manager Hannah Godfrey

NMLS 2117557
Ariana Zambrana photo

Loan Officer Ariana Zambrana

NMLS 2512463
Jaime McReynolds photo

Branch Manager Jaime McReynolds

NMLS 1974245
Katey Switzer photo

Loan Officer Katey Switzer

NMLS 2504987
Felicia Stevens photo

Loan Officer Felicia Stevens

NMLS 1099569
Corey Albarado photo

Branch Manager Corey Albarado

NMLS 115463
Tara Cloy photo

Branch Manager Tara Cloy

NMLS 97137
Ampy Morales Klonek photo

Loan Originator Ampy Morales Klonek

NMLS 215228
Ken French photo

Branch Manager Ken French

NMLS 1238344
Patrick Beste photo

Loan Officer Patrick Beste

NMLS 1082978
Renee Crowder photo

Loan Officer Renee Crowder

NMLS 479233
Marixa Okafor photo

Loan Officer Marixa Okafor

NMLS 2515068
Stephanie Newman photo

Loan Officer Stephanie Newman

NMLS 500335
Jacqueline Crider photo

Branch Manager Jacqueline Crider

NMLS 943284
Troy Albarado photo

Loan Officer Troy Albarado

NMLS 400702
Latoya Harrison photo

Sr. Loan Officer Latoya Harrison

NMLS 87349
Zachariah Cook photo

Branch Manager Zachariah Cook

NMLS 2393969
Camie Whitaker photo

Loan Officer Camie Whitaker

NMLS 2241750
David Zeringue photo

Loan Officer David Zeringue

NMLS #1414340
Jessica Rutchka Smith photo

Branch Manager Jessica Rutchka Smith

NMLS 1475226
Jordan Gerard photo

President Jordan Gerard

NMLS 202384
Guillermo Castillo photo

Branch Manager Guillermo Castillo

NMLS 814194
Julia Perez photo

Operations Manager Julia Perez

Scott Kugler photo

Loan Officer - Partner Scott Kugler

NMLS 99236
Jonathan Fry photo

Loan Officer - Partner Jonathan Fry

NMLS 2014764
Christine Pervan photo

Branch Manager Christine Pervan

NMLS 700945
Heather Ryan photo

Branch Manager -Loan Officer Heather Ryan

NMLS 205601